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Keep the pencil. Define Yourself, and Record Your History”

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I watched the movie “Roxanne”(IMDB REFERENCE)yesterday.

it’s a dated movie, from the 80’s. If you’re not familiar with the plot , it is a “new” take on the old story of Cyrano de Bergerac,(click to goto text) the guy with the big nose who had trouble wooing  women because his nose was so big of a facial feature .

As it goes, he gets the girl in the end because she realizes it was his poetic words and personality she fell in love with, not another man who used them as his own.The point of the entertaining story is that, personality and all, is the more meaningful part of the self. 
But as the movie demonstrates, it takes a lot in certain situations, especially when wooing, to get past “physical attribute”.

But I find the story even more meaningful.  Notice the parallel with computer blogging , you really don’t “see”anything more than the blog, not the whole person, and if you did what take would you give to it? In the movie, as it should be, the bars and houses, and just about all of the settings are ideal.

Who’d watch if it wasn’t?
People know bars usually aren’t so chic like a movie and people define themselves on a lot of other things like power, status, money, gender and more, whether for good or bad.

Today the uphill challenge of “being” is to define you to yourself.
– in any situation.
Realizing that  is a start. Writing for me “works”  because it tends to make me aware of how I think and feel, alone.

But then,  I forget “me’ when I put the pencil down  or leave the keyboard.
So I’m going to start carrying a pencil, a small one. To remind me. (not really,  but I might in a crisis, like family gatherings and shopping )

After watching the movie , I decided to go out for a Saturday night to a pub , but here where I live, we call them bars or clubs .
They’re not  the  best place to go, notably in small towns and depressed areas therein.
But  they are usually the only place to go, Aside from  2nd hand stores or church. Both of which are pretty far away in my case.
But some good and some bad came from it all.
The bad first. I always do something stupid when I become drunk and, that I did, last night. Not anything serious  just the usual “make an ass of myself”  (details left out to to avoid the same mistake again.)

In fact, I should call bar night “Nicholas Bottom”   night, without the enchantment. Being silly is  O.K., say, if you’re around  really good friends, but really good friends are a rarity.
Nothing occurred, but the pang of embarrassment in the morning. And who likes that feeling? It could’ve been a lot worse
The good next,was aa thought provoking  TV show on Discovery about the new approach in historical thinking and writing.

A non linear approach based on a common contributing thread, which is usually external, called “web” history I think this episode attributed the American Revolution and Independence to the existence of horses because that ‘s what Paul Revere rode;
Of which without , there’d have been  poor communication and a increased likeness to fail to warn the colonists of Boston “The British are Coming” (
that phrase makes me  laugh.He then said “get your cricket wicket”.  But you won’t find that in history texts.)
I think these are “contributing factors “of history and more or less  logistics of a event . Non linear history has been around since the dawn of tales  and time , I guess that is what myths are, non linear history. I think the Emperor

Claudius (Scribd Text)was one of the first to document history in a accurate sequence of events existing in chronological time specific to human feeling and living, (wheeew that was long ) as “history”

So that works for me. It’s still a good idea to carry your pencil , to record your own history , and that might be, ironically termed  “web history” (for the reasons above ). Or start  a personal myth,  which might be pretty creative. I haven’t decided  which to do . But this blog is linear .

A myth would certainly identify the human issues in a life . Right  now, or last night anyway,  the issue for me would have been “The Nicholas Bottom”one, of course again, without the enchantment, girl, marriage issues and panache .  Maybe it is a different issue after all.


  Nick Bottom



………waiting for the New Year









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