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Speak Softly

I‘ve read that people/community and
a“historical” culture memory are  linked to 
the permanence of a building  and
architecture.  I don’t know, or  maybe
deny,   what that means  of the decay of
older brick and mortar buildings of the past in 
communities .

The simple cottage home, and the mansion, both
offer a reality.

And  what living activity occurs inside, is in
fact, . a culture’s chronicle, and a personal diary.
Skyscrapers, to me are  megalithic, 
overwhelm, and their details of structure are lost in
size.I could feel the modern sense of feeling like a
number in a large cog.
And, that feeling would be
on the personal diary side.
The building itself would be on the cultural side, maybe
in a newspaper or magazine. the “Architectural
Achievement”. So   they  intertwine.

The  following  pictures are eye catching
,and provoke memories in me of places where I live near
     In one way or another, I either
worked in them, near them or knew people living in the
places or at the sites , Except for RT 66.
The details I’m neglecting, those would be a different

The pictures are “more or less” a
different kind of journal ,similar to  a scrapbook
,  in a place called “Davencci”
As a “prescript”,- there of many  places 
I’d  have posted , (the first and orginal 
Harley Bike Shop ) or any school that I attended, 
or  places that have evoked  feeling . 
Originally my thought trend  followed this picture
search on the Internet.

  Many of the pictures  you see here are of
buildings  in a  near defunct state , though
some have been renovated.

The local  buildings have personal meaning to
me,  what they were  at one time, in
“full swing”……… and what they  are now.

Things change, decay  may become new again
.(i.e.Carnegie Music Hall )and then,  it  starts
all over again.

People often write about the places or people they
felt most about in life.

And one facet contains  the other, depending on
situation .
So, this is a ” kind of”  journal  entry;
of  “memories> to> environment”, instead
of  people through life.


 the internet, this week I came across pictures on
MSN gallery of the interstate highway Route 66.

RT 66
Rt 66 was one of the first interstate highways in
the USA.
RT 66

The photographer- artist had
retouched images in “light” to create illusions of a
well lit  buildings on the roadway  that are
now abandoned ,  but not (yet) demolished . 

For example, the picture here
RT 66 Gas Station       RT 66 Diner 
The computer animated movie “Cars”, & theme
song “Real Gone” by Cheryl Crow, and  the  hit
song Nat King Coles’s “RT. 66″were written tributing the

Cheryl Crow  Theme from cars “Real Gone”

Nat King Cole  RT 66



alot further down  the road,

Old public schools that had the
ornate Greek style arches and doorway entrances, which
were the antecedent of the frame of mind for the student
who entered, and announced the purpose to those who
“passed by” the place.
This school was just closed , within the last 2 years
.(Monongahela, PA)

The Public Libraries, that have a
large a limestone facade and the sleek expression of the
artful intellect in physical form. WIki

Carnegie Music Hall Homestead (I worked in this
area0-  1980’s)
This one pictured is Carnegie Library in Homestead , and
it once appeared  decrepit, falling down, and
closed to the public, until the  renovation 
that was completed in 2011. It had (a pipe organ, , it
also had  in the early 1900’s  a bowling alley
and pool.)  It now  is  Carnegie Music
Hall , with an orchestra pit , Carnegie  Library
and Gymnasium Club.
Inside  there is  a Grande Staircase  to
exterior balconies , and a cement staircase outside to a
platform for  both the hall and gym entrances 
, it is grande looking  in a early 20th century
It is impressive . If you have a chance,  see a
concert there,  the acoustics are supposedly
excellent and seating is good no mater where you are in
the hall .
  A worker gave  me a tour just before the
renovation was complete  He also showed me the
furnaces that heated the building in the early 1900’s.
The furnaces  took the room space of the  most
of the basement. The furnaces and boilers were
indescribably  enormous.  They  sat 
in a lower basement platform with cranes to heave in the
coal .  I suppose they were manually filled with
coal .


-from working in Pittsburgh,this
building is now  historically protected , it 
is in the center of the city.The Old Allegheny
Prison  and  the  facets  that
mimicked a fortress-castle implying containment from
within and without.

all co jail

The old hospitals built after the
40’s  that had a mixing of what I would call 
sleek classic modern/space age architecture.
The  look implied the newest, medical knowledge
known to the time  (the back of the post card
actually says that- exactly )

Kane Hospital Postcard

Kane 1956 back

This hospital building was actually
3 very large wings of separate buildings and  took
about 15 years to demolish  because of  work
labor problems .
Construction completed in 1956, and it’s demolition
began in 1985.  It was in a state of suspended
demolition -animation in the 1990’s . 
You could look at the cranes that were left there, 
literally in mid height of the buildings on the 
site . I was told the work crews left the site  in
the  middle of a workday and never returned .
The article  sited here is from the “Pgh  Post
Gazaette”, 1999.  It finally came down in 2008.
There’s an elite health care facility in it’s place. Kane


Older Hotels (worked  near or
was in them for work.)1980’s-90’s.

Donora Hotel Penn Hotel  1900’s Penn Hotel 2014
D Hotel PHotel P hotel 2014

And ……………….
as  the older buildings become monuments on the
roadside, well, they invigorate my imagination for 
people that I’ve never met. or what the
 building  could become.”The Story” or what
would’ve been,        …. had I
lived  there, …… then, in  the past 
…… ….. shaped by architecture, economics, and people in
a different time, at a Spanish Villa,  Row House or
a  Gothic Church in a monastery..

worked near or in these buildings 1990′ to
2010..   The first is a villa style pink
stucco complex in Upper St. Clair,  newly built
then lost for taxes, abandoned and became public
housing.  Quite unique,  the facade 
stimulates the imagination .  

Spanish ViIlla  Courtyard,

Upper St Clair

“Nors’side”- North Shore
Row , Pgh  PA
Trinity Cathedral Duquesne Pgh PA
Sp Villa Nside Row Trinity C
This isn’t   the actual
complex but a pic from the web,  the
courtyard pictured was similar to the entrance
of  Villa Style complex , I  couldn’t
find any  pics from this apt complex in
Library /St Clair PA on  the web. .
Pgh Accent in thre North Shore
“Nors’side” “Duntouwn”
Never went there , worked near
this Cathedral  .

Finally I guess
that’s where ghosts come from;  old buildings, and
a  memory. Or , maybe they’re real. 

And………………..     that’s
a subject for another blog.

                                                    G’night folks …don’t drink, and
be careful  …. . drive safely ………….a
ghost town  might be next down the road,
or Vegas “”



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