Well I didn’t write about RT. 66 in a previous post only to entertain.

This might be “bad form” so I apologize, , but

This is a SOS call for EMPLOYMENT, I am a registered
nurse of 26 years and a registered (as opposed to
certified) medical coder, in a “depressed” area.
Being 51, and whatever else the reason, the jobs
“ain’t a
comin’”… If you know anyone who needs a me kind-a guy
My References and work history will be available to
credible employers.

And.. some music…to lighten a mood, or maybe enhance
By the way, currently, this composer is my favorite
.I’ve played his previous scores, “The Godfather
Waltz” and “Godfather Love Theme” in  previous
posts .

Nino Rota

I am reposting this one after more practice
….it’sa “pretty” – long piece of music.
“Romeo and Juliet”


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