ART and ARCHITECTURE 2 .23.2015

Piano chambers old and restored



This post is about a picture of  buildings that have been abandoned in Europe, 
specifically East Germany after the Berlin Wall fell,  that likely  have quite  a history.
I found it coincidentally while browsing for piano music. 
I’ll write more about it soon, when I know more….
but the original  photographer is Axel Hansmann.
Below is the original and an  “Adobe” retouch of
what I thought this place,
which is a chamber piano hall, would look like if restored.
Some things to notice,
1. I moved the mirror on the floor to the rt stage wall.
2. I kept the left support beam visible, the wood appeared pretty well preserved from damage.
3. The shadow shading was a little random on the floor, not
actually how light might hit .
4. The ceiling in the original has brick ? under plaster…

This type of art interests me because I have an
interest in old buildings and architecture,
stages, and piano music.

I really don’t know what the name of the place is, or what it had looked like before.
I also don’t know what the writing above the stage means.
I did my best to remove the plaster dust that covered it (art wise).
To avoid further painstaking details of artistic restoration,
I placed Curtains along the wings to the left and right of this stage.
Likely it didn’t have curtains, valences or chairs, I’d think there’d be 
vestiges of them left, somewhere in the dust and unsalvagable.

Original My restoration …..
Oroginal Piano chamber if resotred


To addendum  this post , Music
that would have been played in this place…..
1.Liebestraum ..Lizst

Liebestraum Student version
2 23 15
from Tempo
on Vimeo.

2.Morning Prayer.Tchaikovsky.(done

last Christmas or before.)

Morning Prayer P Tchaikovsky”
from Tempo Primo on Vimeo.

Lastly, I wish I could restore my own house….well

The original photo art was  found on this site. Piano music

The reacreation was done by ME.


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