End of Fall 10 29 2015-Mon River Horizon

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Mon River 10 29 2015

End of Fall 10 29 2015-Mon
River Horizon

Monongahela River Foliage Adobe Redo
The first pic is a cropped image of the following 2nd picture below redone as a painting in Adobe.
The following pics are taken from 
A Memorial Bridge in A Steel Town
and unaltered except for cropping.

As I stated in an earlier post , the horizon’s landscape is
quite scenic

in the fall (and night)  in  town along  the
Monongahela River Valley.

The word “Monongahela”; is an Native American Indian word
meaning “

muddy river banks”

(Read below for the supposed existence of the

A Male Mermaide , fondly known here as  “Sir Hazel” (joke ) the word “monongy” in Indian? means manfish!.

didn’t see a “Monongy”, but in jest , a Mermaid.
Her pic is here along
with the clickable WIKI reference about mythical Mermaids.

she left a letter 

in a bottle  a to her Monongy who fled
centuries ago to live in the Monongahela…..She wrote, “You owe
me, get back here”  Then swam away .  “

And they  are!!!
like maybe 40- 50 feet up from the river shore.

I can imagine  how this River
inspired Awe and yet too, Nurtured the native Monongahelan

American Indian .

The Sky is  clear with
clouds  and a beauty in the pics .

 As are the
changing colors of the fall  trees.

Wish I had a better Camera, not to say a
Olympus digi  isn’t, but ……I have one of the

Unfortunately, I took  these at a
spur of the moment and there aren’t riverboats, barges
or mallards flying,

that’d been awesome.
So,  Maybe some other time.

It’s  the end of fall,  so, this
is a  post for my account of Fall-  2015.

The left pic is of the river valley along
the Monongahela River, The 2nd is  more near the
town along the river above industry.

pics are clickable for a full view…

Mon River Horizon from Stan Musial Bridge.
10 29 2015 River Valley above industry

Lastly a river song
played by me a year ago….


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