A Knight’s Carol, An Old Church, and A Silent Night. 12 19 2015

A Knight’s Carol,

An Old Church,


A Silent Night.

Lullay MMine Liking

Lullay Mine Liking 12 18
from Tempo
on Vimeo.


It’s an amass of subjects  for a blog post. 
And, if you’ve happened to come across this and began reading you
ask how or why  I’d make these subjects  relate.
Well , I’m writing it , so I’ll give my best reason in a short 
  Last Friday I had to take my car, actually  an old jeep
to a auto-mechanic for inspection.
I waited for it  to be checked and  ventured a walk to a
nearby coffee shop,  aka , the Sheetz coffee bar. …
and drank the coffee waiting  outside , appreciating  the
unseasonable warm weather.
Upon a hill, across from where I stood was  the historical “whiskey
, and across from  that,  a R.C Church
that is now ” closed”.
It was maybe the unseasonable warm weather ,  that gave a
historical spirit of mind,
and caused  me  to see it  somewhat different  -,
Today it was an visage that  could “paint”  well
on a canvas filled of the old  castles
of Ireland, Scotland, or Early England.
I noticed The Cross at the top of the “A” frame building was a Celtic style
Perhaps   that,….  was what  I’d never took
notice of before.
and it set a light to my imagination.
The thought fragments of  Knights and Arthurian
legends  passed through my mind. 
Would someone far away, centuries ago taken refuge inside a chapel , not unlike
this one?
I imagined the bell tower behind it being a watch tower for
Medieval  Soldiers.
or Knights traveling  looking for candle light passing through windows and finding
the stained glass Cross built into the top
above the chapels’ arched entrance
Upon arrival , relieved from battlefatigue , 
hearing the book of hours chanted
and grateful for a night’s lodging.
And  community that visited….
Or  did they move on, avoiding feudal s  that were ever present then,  hearing chant
from  far off in a grotto taken for shelter?
… awaiting  battle again with  salt
and oil
for a self anointing before a
gladiator”s entrance.
  Did they so long ago sense the solemn peace  in 
the symbols of Mother and Child
Heaven and Earth ,  Family and Friend, and  the serenity
of a Silent Night?
And did my imagination have verisimilitude of a time so long ago…
And then … I thought  surprising myself. .. do we find those
meanings  now?

So I Hope …        
for The New and Every
Mother and Child , 
Family and Friend,
the Serenity of a
Silent Night.

Christmas Song 12 21 2015 from Tempo Primo on Vimeo.




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