1.3.2016-An Old Post and New piece of music ..for me…

Some digi art and music, of a “thought image” from the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, the trees are glossed transparencies of the “statue of Venus” as is the face in the sky.

I didn’t play this until this week….easy piano but still needs practice. .

(1.3.2016 A super easy piano version of “Lucy In the Sky” by the Beatles, the video watercolor effect, (after the fact/effect) sorta alludes to the setting of the song….”WAAAAA I’m melting”,,,,,LOL.
Just for fun… an easy piece especially after the last couple ecitals …
Hope you like it,)

OLD POST >>>>>
Just something I was experimenting with in Adobe. Sort of reminds me of the artwork in Monty Python.

Lucy In the Sky