1.9.2016 Music Composing

Soft Music Composing


Easy, but I’m a beginner at composing .

My 3rd  Titled “Soft”… as in rain ….

I composed this as an assignment in an independent self study of
tonal harmony .
I liked the theme so I posted it here.
It needs extended as far as  motive and phrases  and
–practice(la la la ooo la la) –as far as playing. 
It IS simple in terms of classic harmony i.e.  the bass is a
running accompaniment,
– the most easy to polish /push  on a melody.
My goal would be to compose similar in style to Matt Dennis …
He (Matt) had  distinct style of blues/jazz that had strong
dramatic melody lines.
(………If you’ve ever seen Lana Turner moves…..)
He  was a “Lounge” pianist / composer of the 1950’s in the USA.
My 3rd song is here …got a long way to go….

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So, Thanks for listening.


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