Midi Art, Piano ….4.7.2016

Piano Art

 Piano, MIDI and Modern Art…..

Recently self-studying music composition , I came across a music
composition MIDI  program that was free (YAHOO) and stand alone
executable, meaning it did not have to be installed on a operating
If you’re into midi and music you’ll know how super convenient that
is to work anywhere, like a library, that will not run a portable
app DAW.

So throughout all of this , and to get to the “quik” as it’s said, I
posted text wise my somewhat vacuumed mental state of music
theory on a site. I was recommended to a course on Coursera, called
“write like Mozart”, and  it is helping make sense of the many
rules that are adhered  in a classical composition. This is a more real? tangible way than the theory alone .
Classical Music

Midi Stand Alone

But, back to the art  aspect of this post… the free software I
mentioned, also had a midi piano roll that colorized all of the midi
tracks in bright layout for easy editing.

That image of midi data somewhat reminded me of the landscape
portraits  of cities  at night. (popular in the
So, …what more symbolic than a  piano to round it all
off,  meaning the passions people live for , lost or gained
hopes , Grandeur or dulled  mechanism of emotions in  a
portrait-ed night city?

And so decided to work it as art image in adobe,
it is here .
Different kid of art, but it suggests the idea above. (to me alone maybe 

But hope you like it, it (the altered midi data’s image) is from the previous piece from Mozart’s
Composition for piano and Clarinet….No.23 K.488

Night Piano

And some music
to go with the PIC

My own Composition on the fly!
soft song

Easy Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Groovy Kind Of Love


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