Addendum to Midi Art, 230 am 4.8.2016

An additional post regarding the MIDI data’d image I had made in the
last post (PLEASE READ),.
I tend to work on an image until I like what  I think it should
Here this  is truly a matter of one’s perception , the distance
viewed  and what, maybe you’d want to see, midi data or a
skyline in front of a river. Or something else? 🙂
I have seen algorithmic programs that make art, or more specifically
geometric art from music, but this is an altered image from data to
convey a night cityscape,
so it  is a different genre of music data  to art
Anyway I added lettering for what I’d give as a title to the work.
Note also the ripples- at the bottom  where the modulation and
velocity control brushes for midi data would be.
I was going to try and change the velocity and mod to fit/form 
a suggested ripple but the “ripple” effect was in Adobe, so i used that
instead.  Way easier …..thankful too….
It’d seem to come across as an novel kind of advert for a symphonic
So (if  you use it …have some integrity,!!!)
Ok , I’m too ahead of myself and my ego is too big.
So  here below is the full pic.

Mozart at Night
MOzart at Night Midi Image

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