Line Sketches , Sparrows , a “Light”Ballet…5 27 16

5 27 2016 Line Art and Mozart ha ha

Line Sketches , Sparrows and a “Light”Ballet…

Some quick pencil line sketches from a porch view  and
Mozart’s “Konzert fur Klavire und Orchester no 23 K 488”
with art and light visualizations from WMedia Player.,
Sparrows and Ballet,
why not the lone wolf ?
Well, sparrows are myriad with
 a gentle deft appearance.
The Art of Ballet has a myriad of meaning…

Here are sketches of a  Lone Sparrow on a roof (bible ref )-nothing specific to this other than it is referenced in the Psalms.No more.
and Line perspective art…(a combo theme of  space and being
)  🙂
(thanks to Coursera’s “MoMA” for the theme labeling 

And Classical Music
Maybe next post
 ..the Lone Wolf.

Lone Sparrow Mozart “Light” Ballet with art
and W media visualization.
Line Point Perspective
Lone Sparrow Line Point Perspective

The Lone Sparrow
Lone Sparrow
Mozart”s  Konzert fur Klavire und
Orchester no 23 K 488 with Art and Wm player visualizations.

Line Point Perspective from a
-“porch-view”.  Un finished…..
Line point Perspective


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