Music Composition “Greensleeves” 6 15 2016


A little bit of study-ya …in my …

I’ve completed a course on classical composition and thought to post
this “elaboration”. of an old classic.
If your a vet of music composition, you know it’s  extending
the end.
or only a bass line to a melody and further elaborating the ending
which is the main point , but I didn’t do that. 🙂 –

It could be done with any style of music , and actually maybe more
liberally with jazz/blues.
I choose here to pick a simple classic “Greensleeves”.
I used the melody and added accompaniment of piano bassline and accompanying violins.
The original score is posted in the following pics ,note the guitar melody and chord markings.
The 2nd-3rd pics are my composition (piano- violin) composed with Musescore,
  and  then the  videos are below.

Original Greensleeves-Guitar Elaborated with Piano and Violin Page 2
Gree original Pg 1 Page 2

The Music which was composed with Musescore and  port-synthed
midi wise thru TTS.
I wish I could play this fast. (accompaniment) but not the violin,
I love the sound of one though.

Initially Accompaniment-

The following vid  is the “real” elaboration, because it is the
ending that is truly elaborated in a piece of music; 
Not the added instruments or accompaniment.
Although, that accompaniment was elaborated in the end (-too).
I like this beat and harmony … and I usually don’t like anything
I’ve composed or added to a piece of music.
But I hope you like the piece.

 Elaboration of End  Greensleeves


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