About the Header 11 3 2015.

About The Header 11 3 2015.

This is a charcoal – pencil sketch,  one of my first in
2008  -of the Roman Forum, , at it’s “height”.
Charcoal is not easily scanned ,  and darkening the image is the effective way to make it view-able online.
Also not easily  photo’d, (the lead reflects light and makes a faint light grey capture.
Comparatively, ink doesn’t .
– but, Ink would be more definite and I’m left handed …smudging would be a obstacle in actual sketching,

So here’s the originals that I took a scan of , and photograph-quite a
while ago .
I do not know what i did with this sketch (I had moved
homestead wise in 2012)

Sketch Roman Forum  Pic
Roman Forum photo Pic

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