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12.8.2016 Dreams….

Art about dreams,… and reality.

As dreams are made on ,

“The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind.

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” Scene 4 Act 1

The pic you see is of both, surely now, “Art” made by man and and an
occurrence of nature.

of Pompeii, Italy
Surreal.And an actual photograph.

Hercunuleum/Pompeii, Italy
About the pic-

My version
dream like altered pic

And some music.
  it’s true ..”.Every picture tells a story …”

  to Sweeter Dreams-


Line Sketches , Sparrows , a “Light”Ballet…5 27 16

5 27 2016 Line Art and Mozart ha ha

Line Sketches , Sparrows and a “Light”Ballet…

Some quick pencil line sketches from a porch view  and
Mozart’s “Konzert fur Klavire und Orchester no 23 K 488”
with art and light visualizations from WMedia Player.,
Sparrows and Ballet,
why not the lone wolf ?
Well, sparrows are myriad with
 a gentle deft appearance.
The Art of Ballet has a myriad of meaning…

Here are sketches of a  Lone Sparrow on a roof (bible ref )-nothing specific to this other than it is referenced in the Psalms.No more.
and Line perspective art…(a combo theme of  space and being
)  🙂
(thanks to Coursera’s “MoMA” for the theme labeling 

And Classical Music
Maybe next post
 ..the Lone Wolf.

Lone Sparrow Mozart “Light” Ballet with art
and W media visualization.
Line Point Perspective
Lone Sparrow Line Point Perspective

The Lone Sparrow
Lone Sparrow
Mozart”s  Konzert fur Klavire und
Orchester no 23 K 488 with Art and Wm player visualizations.

Line Point Perspective from a
-“porch-view”.  Un finished…..
Line point Perspective

Midi Art, Piano ….4.7.2016

Piano Art

 Piano, MIDI and Modern Art…..

Recently self-studying music composition , I came across a music
composition MIDI  program that was free (YAHOO) and stand alone
executable, meaning it did not have to be installed on a operating
If you’re into midi and music you’ll know how super convenient that
is to work anywhere, like a library, that will not run a portable
app DAW.

So throughout all of this , and to get to the “quik” as it’s said, I
posted text wise my somewhat vacuumed mental state of music
theory on a site. I was recommended to a course on Coursera, called
“write like Mozart”, and  it is helping make sense of the many
rules that are adhered  in a classical composition. This is a more real? tangible way than the theory alone .
Classical Music

Midi Stand Alone

But, back to the art  aspect of this post… the free software I
mentioned, also had a midi piano roll that colorized all of the midi
tracks in bright layout for easy editing.

That image of midi data somewhat reminded me of the landscape
portraits  of cities  at night. (popular in the
So, …what more symbolic than a  piano to round it all
off,  meaning the passions people live for , lost or gained
hopes , Grandeur or dulled  mechanism of emotions in  a
portrait-ed night city?

And so decided to work it as art image in adobe,
it is here .
Different kid of art, but it suggests the idea above. (to me alone maybe 

But hope you like it, it (the altered midi data’s image) is from the previous piece from Mozart’s
Composition for piano and Clarinet….No.23 K.488

Night Piano

And some music
to go with the PIC

My own Composition on the fly!
soft song

Easy Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Groovy Kind Of Love

3.21.2016 Music? Music…and Art

A little composing “on the side” ..LOL  -a  joke .

I am  studying classic music composition.
This is a first for me with different instruments. .
Hear and Here, the  music is in the ear of
the beholder . ( it is composed from midi data and not played on my piano so it is somewhat stiff.)
But none the less , I like 50’s jazz it’s a start towards that kind
of music, a   style that is easier moved to  from the
classic harnony.

the vid …

And for the more dramatic  and beauty of music
( I love and am moved by this piece)  this music vid  next
is from Mozart,

Konzert fur Klavire und Orchester No.23 K.488Mozart”

It is a  midi from software that I Port synth-ed through a
TTS  synth for a full effect of the harmony and sound .
– a live performance would be  a lot more effective in
conveying the emotive/cultural  aspect of this music;
none the less it’s here- and  I also added art from 
Museums of Europe.
The pictures in the video are

  1. The vestibule of  Musee D Orsay a museum,
  2. “Triptych of The Mediterranean” by Pierre Bonard,
  3. “The Dance” by Henri Matisse,
  4. “Portrait of Lady Raglan ” by Thomas Lawrence,
  5. “Composition No. 6” by  Wassily Kandinsky.

Notice I altered some of the imagery in the video, also  note
the  last frames of the video for what ever reason the video
seemed to “pulse”  the color in the frames  of a
watercolor, when making the vid . The titled “composition no.6 
by Was. Kandinsky , and it is noticeable  in the red form of a
heart , which truly coordinates with the emotive music in the video.
So, I accented that with  effects .
the Vid

And …So… Happy Easter!!!!.