Amazing Grace 7 15 2016 Edit another version …..

Here are two versions.. the first is the latter and to me the better, thanks for listening!.

Amazing Grace, Syncopation, Band Syncopated Arr. Of “Amazing Grace” with instr. Piano, trumpet, clarinet,.

Instead of ¾ time this is in 4/4 & ¾ time which
May cause accented beats to occur at “off” beats (syncopated).
The syncopation wasn’t Originally intentional, but I liked the review while composing and decided to keep it as is as I composed .
-a very small intro , also I kept a violins stave in the score but left it open “free”.

I noticed a skip when bouncing this to a track at the end of the first composition but left it there because it flows into the next form at ¾ time with percussion (and I was tired -)The 4/4 syncopated rhythm does lend a emotional blue’s feel to the piece.
I composed this “e-z” piece with musescore and port synth’d it through a tts cakewalk synth.

I’m practicing (real time?) other pieces (2 or so ) so I still give a little time (really a heck of alot) to beginning composing

And the score
[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]


“Composition No. 4″….6.29.2016

A “wordpress diary” of original compositions and a beginner’s composing.
(maybe 30 years late start in composing )
The previous compositions like “Greensleeves” already had a
melody line to which I added accompaniment, and instruments in classical style.
This is my own,, good or not.
A start anyway.
It is written as a

Piano melody line
Accompaniment (one piano)
Vocal “ahh” accompaniment-
Violin-counterpoint (a little)
And Horn (duet to violins)

Thanks for any comments. BTW if you compare it something ,say, not very fluid, it sounds pretty OK…

really liked the “Greensleeves” elaboration……

Thanks for watching!

Music Composition “Greensleeves” 6 15 2016


A little bit of study-ya …in my …

I’ve completed a course on classical composition and thought to post
this “elaboration”. of an old classic.
If your a vet of music composition, you know it’s  extending
the end.
or only a bass line to a melody and further elaborating the ending
which is the main point , but I didn’t do that. 🙂 –

It could be done with any style of music , and actually maybe more
liberally with jazz/blues.
I choose here to pick a simple classic “Greensleeves”.
I used the melody and added accompaniment of piano bassline and accompanying violins.
The original score is posted in the following pics ,note the guitar melody and chord markings.
The 2nd-3rd pics are my composition (piano- violin) composed with Musescore,
  and  then the  videos are below.

Original Greensleeves-Guitar Elaborated with Piano and Violin Page 2
Gree original Pg 1 Page 2

The Music which was composed with Musescore and  port-synthed
midi wise thru TTS.
I wish I could play this fast. (accompaniment) but not the violin,
I love the sound of one though.

Initially Accompaniment-

The following vid  is the “real” elaboration, because it is the
ending that is truly elaborated in a piece of music; 
Not the added instruments or accompaniment.
Although, that accompaniment was elaborated in the end (-too).
I like this beat and harmony … and I usually don’t like anything
I’ve composed or added to a piece of music.
But I hope you like the piece.

 Elaboration of End  Greensleeves

Line Sketches , Sparrows , a “Light”Ballet…5 27 16

5 27 2016 Line Art and Mozart ha ha

Line Sketches , Sparrows and a “Light”Ballet…

Some quick pencil line sketches from a porch view  and
Mozart’s “Konzert fur Klavire und Orchester no 23 K 488”
with art and light visualizations from WMedia Player.,
Sparrows and Ballet,
why not the lone wolf ?
Well, sparrows are myriad with
 a gentle deft appearance.
The Art of Ballet has a myriad of meaning…

Here are sketches of a  Lone Sparrow on a roof (bible ref )-nothing specific to this other than it is referenced in the Psalms.No more.
and Line perspective art…(a combo theme of  space and being
)  🙂
(thanks to Coursera’s “MoMA” for the theme labeling 

And Classical Music
Maybe next post
 ..the Lone Wolf.

Lone Sparrow Mozart “Light” Ballet with art
and W media visualization.
Line Point Perspective
Lone Sparrow Line Point Perspective

The Lone Sparrow
Lone Sparrow
Mozart”s  Konzert fur Klavire und
Orchester no 23 K 488 with Art and Wm player visualizations.

Line Point Perspective from a
-“porch-view”.  Un finished…..
Line point Perspective