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September 8 2016… long, long ago music.

Long, long ago music….A classical style piece BWV 593, 2nd Movement.-
JS Bach-
The organ and flute melodic lines lend a sound-feeling of vast space, and leave one with hypnotic feeling.
-Reminiscent of a modern Vangelis or Styx.
I ported this MIDI through 2 soft synths (Yamaha DX and TTS) to create the realism of true instrumental playing, and also used SonicFX for the added “mild” default reverb and stereo panning.
I mixed down the 2 together – the panning as an extra layer on top of stereo.
I thought that a soft panning might accent the open air feeling of the piece.
It is a somber and a meditative composition.
Hope you like it.